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Foxy Brown – Northcote

November 1, 2011

Straight to the point, I’d like to say

I wish I’d gone elsewhere today

The cost was similar to most

With choices from baked eggs to toast

The breakfast meal was less than great

With hard-poached eggs sat on my plate

The coffee fine, the bacon too

But eggs should be a runny goo!

We ordered: 4 adults 1 kid

The mains arrived (well, the adults did)

My daughter’s meal had disappeared

And turned up when our meals were cleared

The service won’t win any gongs

Unless ‘Most Loudest’ comes along

With dropping pots, knives – and the rest

The staff put on a wake-up fest!

We may have seen them at their worst

As some reviews are mine, reversed

A Cup Day may have meant less crew

Which does impact the things you do

I’d like to see a bit more care

With counting meals and breakfast fare

And though the staff were very nice

The drawbacks just outweighed the price

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  1. Lesh Karan permalink

    Nice one!

  2. Mimi permalink

    amazing… you’re like like Dr Seuss and the Grinch combined… Do you write childrens books? Is this a plug for them? Where can I buy one?

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